Board Member Positions

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CURRENT BOARD POSITIONS AVAILABLE:The President seat is one of the open positions, but per our bi-laws, that particular seat must be filled with a current and active board member who has served at least 1 year on our board.  Mr. Paul Todys will be resigning from the Board President position after serving 12 amazing years for our club.  He has been a tremendous asset and advocate for our club and our staff for so many years and he will be sorely missed.  Thank you, Paul, for your service, dedication, time, energy and hard work you have given so graciously for all of these years. With that being said, Mr. Joe Winders will be moving from his role as our membership rep and taking over the President position.  The 3 current positions available are

.  MembershipTennis and Treasurer

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Mr. Mark Schulte is our current board treasurer and has offered to remain on the board, if so elected.  Mark has been on our board for nearly a decade and offers tremendous background, insight and knowledge when it comes to our club finances and future goals. If any other member is interested in running for the treasurer’s position please submit a bio by Tuesday July 18th. The Membership Rep and Tennis Rep positions will need to be filled with someone new.  Anyone interested in either of these two positions, please turn in a Bio (see below) by Tuesday July 18th.  Voting will be held from July 19-29, if needed. BASIC INFORMATION:

1. TERMS– Each board member, who must be a club member in good standing, that is elected serves a 3-year term for that position.  Elections are held in July, new members are announced at the Annual Board Meeting (this year will be held on Sunday July 30th, 5:00pm).  Their term begins at the August board meeting.   At the end of their term, the board member can decide to run again or step down from their respective positions.


 (9) President, VP/Building and Grounds, Secretary/Social Chair, Treasurer, IT, Swim/Dive Team Reps (2), Tennis Rep, and Membership Rep.


-When elected to the board, the current rep who will be leaving will help transition the new reps into their roles, pass along all information and resources and communicate all duties and responsibilities.  Active board members must attend monthly meetings in order to be eligible for half-off of their annual dues. Board member positions are volunteer positions, so the half-off dues is a stipend for your time and effort put into the role to be served. 


 are typically held at 7:00pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, but times and dates are subject to change.  

5. ELECTIONS–  if more than one active club member is interested in running for the same board position, then a club-wide election would need to take place.  If there is only 1 person interested in a position, that person will automatically be elected into that role.  Any voting that is to be conducted will be announced to the membership and available either electronically or at the front desk with details pertaining to the election.

6. PERSONAL BIO’S–  anyone interested running for an open position must complete a personal bio that will be shared to the membership. Topics to include in a Bio would be:

Name, family members names, hobbies/interests, how long you have been a member of our club, professional work experience, what assets and/or value you feel you can bring and add to our club, and your motivation for wanting to be a board member. 

This information will be shared with the membership prior to any elections that may take place. Bio’s for this year’s elections (membership and tennis reps) need to be submitted by Tuesday July 18th.

I realize this is a lot of information.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to clarify.  

Have a great week!