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Board Members & Elections.

Board Members

President:  Paul Todys
VicePresident:  Shane Ferguson
Treasurer:  Mark Schulte

Secretary/Social:  Jaxon Cook
Aquatics:  Meredith Niese
Aquatics:  Amanda White
Tennis:  Kelcey Davison
Membership:  Joe Winders
IT:  Shea Lawrence

Pool Manager:  Andy Wilson
Bookkeeping:  Ed D’errico

Board Elections

Anyone interested in running for the board, term beginning August of this current year, should prepare a short bio about yourself and why you would like to be on the board. Please give your bio to the Club Manager by the second week of July. Information regarding elections will be posted in the clubhouse as well as on the website beginning in late June.

Voting for candidates will be open to the membership beginning mid-July.  Ballots will be counted seven (7) days prior to the annual board meeting, scheduled for the last Sunday in July at Miami Hills. All Members are welcome to attend.

Note: Board members that attend 80% of the meetings for the year will receive their annual membership dues for half price. Terms on the board run for three years.

Five Year Plan

Per our swim club’s constitution, the board is required to create a five year plan for the club. Your board has been working hard to revise our five year plan, which is in progress. Average money available left in each annual budget is between $25,000 to $30,000 for capital expenditures and club upgrades/repairs.

The Board is currently in the process of updating the 5 year plan.