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Membership FAQs.

Frequently Asked Membership Questions 

How long is the wait list? How quickly is the wait list going to move?

Miami Hills Swim and Tennis Club is a private, not-for-profit club serving the community since 1961 and maintains a membership of 400 families. Offers for membership are offered, usually in the months of April and May, as resignations are processed. Because is is impossible to predict how many families will resign each season, it is impossible to predict how quickly the wait list will move. Once a family is on the wait list, they maintain their place in line the following season if an opening does not become available immediately. 

Please Note: Miami Hills Swim and Tennis Club Membership Applications are now being accepted on a Wait-List basis. Please note that the wait list for membership is long as of Spring 2024 and while we are unable to predict, we are expecting that new applicants should plan a membership beyond the 2025 season.

Where am I on the wait list? 

Placement on the wait list is determined by the post mark on the application envelope or if hand delivered, the notation made by club staff. The wait list is fluid as each family’s placement moves towards the top. As the membership duties are fulfilled by volunteers, questions regarding placement will not be addressed, as the wait list is in-flux and the number of those inquiries abundant.

When will I know when my opening is available?

As soon as an opening becomes available for your family, an email will be sent to the email address on the application. Almost all of the invitations to join occur during the months of April and May as that is when existing members pay their dues and those not returning submit their resignation. 

Why do people avoid the wait list with a Private Sale?

When a family joins Miami Hills, they purchase a Bond. Upon resignation, most members sell their Bond back to the club. Those resignations create openings for families on the wait list. A member may sell their Bond to another family instead of returning it to Miami Hills. In these instances, the buyer of the Bond through private sale pays the member for the Bond, pays all fees to Miami Hills, but bypasses the wait list. 

Our household is separating/getting divorced/no longer living at the same address, what happens to our membership?

All persons sharing a membership MUST reside at the same address, no exceptions. The Bond purchased when joining the club is considered “property” in the same way a joint bank account, house, or car is property. When a household is dissolved, the parties named on the Bond must decide who is keeping the membership. Documentation of this property transfer is sent to Membership and a new Bond in the new owner’s name will be issued. The party relinquishing the membership may reapply and go onto the wait list for a separate membership. If the parties cannot resolve who will assume membership, or if the parties continue their membership under false pretenses, Miami Hills will revoke the membership. 

Do you offer any special memberships or membership discounts? (Seniors, military, singles, tennis only, etc?)

As a not-for-profit club, with a limited number of families, Miami Hills offers the “family membership” at the “family rate” for all.

Can my babysitter use the club?

Miami Hills offers a restricted babysitter pass for an additional fee. A pass may be purchased for one week or for an entire season. Please see the manager for details.