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Tennis Lessons. 2024 Summer

Tennis Levels

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PeeWee:  Our goal is to work on development of eye hand coordination and motor skills. It takes place on miniature courts with graduated length racquets and foam balls. We will introduce basic tennis knowledge and learn the fundamentals of the sport, as well as play tons of fun games!

Beginner: A great starting place for players that have limited experience. Classes focus on stroke progression and footwork with drills, games and abbreviated point play. Basic singles and doubles formations are taught. Focus is on fundamentals for beginners (stance, grip, body position, stroke mechanics, etc.) as well as many fun games to get some practice. No prior experience necessary!

Intermediate: Players work on maintaining a rally at a slow to medium pace with other players. Instructors work with students on basic skill development activities as well as introductory knowledge of singles and doubles situations. Players should/will be able to sustain a mini-tennis rally and have some success rallying from the baseline with peer. Many games and court exercise will aid in the skill development.