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Club Rules.

General Club Rules

1. No running, pushing, rough housing, horseplay, sitting or standing on the head, neck, or shoulders of others, or any other inappropriate behaviors will be permitted.
2. Inappropriate behaviors, gestures, language, or other forms of abuse of rules and regulations as posted will result in immediate dismissal from the club property.
3. All non-swimmers and beginner swimmers MUST be supervised at all times.
4. No food, drink, or gum allowed in the pools.
5. No public displays of affection.
6. No twists, flips, backwards jumps, dives, cannonballs, or can-openers off the side of the pool.
7. No pets, hard plastic toys, tennis balls, water guns, or rafts with ropes allowed in pools.
8. No flotation devices, including life-jackets and water wings, allowed off diving board or in diving well.
9. Glass is prohibited in all areas at all times.
10. Rafts, floats, sponge-balls, and other certain pool toys are permitted in big pool at manager’s discretion.
11. Appropriate swim attire is required.
12. Non-toilet trained kids MUST wear a swim diaper when in pools. Regular diapers are prohibited.
13. Club members are responsible for the conduct and safety of their families and guests while using the club facilities.
Smoking is permitted in designated areas

Diving Board Rules

1. One person on the board at a time.
2. One bounce only.
3. No running off the end of the board.
4. Go straight off the end of the board when entering the water.
5. Keep arms above head when entering the water head first. No “Sailor Dives.”
6. Swim directly to the diving well ladder and exit pool.
7. Wait until the diver in front of you has reached the ladder BEFORE going off yourself.
8. Absolutely NO FLOTATION DEVICES of any kind in diving well at any time.
9. Do not use goggles, masks, or snorkels when going off the boards.
10. The following dives are prohibited:
a. Seat drop dives
b. Hand stands
c. Sitting dives
d. Tandem dives

Tennis Court Rules

1. Shoes must be worn at all times.
2. Lessons and Team Programs have top priority for court times.
3. Children ages 10 and under MUST be accompanied by an adult.
4. Do NOT throw rocks on courts.
5. Do NOT sit on tennis nets.
6. Put all trash and litter in garbage cans.
7. Use main entrance to clubhouse during normal operating hours.
8. For after hours use, see front desk attendant during normal operating hours for gate combination.
9. Turn off lights when finished.

Play-set Rules

1. The use of the play-set is at your own risk.
2. For children 11 yrs. old and younger.
3. Members are responsible for their children & guests.
4. Young children should NOT be left unattended.
5. Footwear should be worn on play-set to avoid slipping or other possible injuries.
6. Dry off before using play-set.
7. Management reserves the right to close the play-set for any reason.
8. Club staff has authority to correct misuse of the equipment.
9. Report all equipment problems to the manager.

Bathroom and Shower Rules

1. Showers should be limited to 5 minutes maximum. (Excessively long showers use up all of the hot water)
2. Bathrooms are not a “lounge” or “hang-out” area. Please do not congregate in the showers or stall areas.
3. If you or your child make a mess that needs assistance with clean up, please find an employee immediately so that the proper sanitizers, cleaners, etc. can be used. DO NOT LET IT GO UNMENTIONED!!
4. If additional supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, soap, etc.) are needed or are running low, please notify an employee.
5. Children who are not 100% potty-trained should have assistance in the bathrooms. Please do not leave your child unattended in the restrooms.
6. Anyone caught making excessive messes, wasting supplies, or “trashing” the bathrooms will be immediately removed from the facility and consequences will follow. Disrespecting the club or any of its members, in any way, will not be tolerated.
• Horseplay, roughhousing, “goofing off”, or any other inappropriate behaviors in the bathrooms or showers will result in immediate dismissal from the club.
*All rules subject to interpretation by manager*

Baby Pool Rules

1. Ages 5 and under.
2. Adult (age 16 and older) supervision is required AT ALL TIMES for your own child. Adult must be inside of wading pool fence with child. NO EXCEPTIONS!
3. No running.
4. No food or beverage allowed in pool.
5. Put all toys away when finished.
6. Non-toilet trained children MUST wear a swim diaper AT ALL TIMES!

Report any accidents to the manager immediately.