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Message from Andy!. When Andy talks - you want to hear it!

Hello Miami Hills Families and Friends!  I hope you are doing well, staying healthy and enjoying these longer days and warmer temps!  With a little over six weeks until opening day (Saturday May 29th),  I’m sure you are as excited as I am to get summer here.

With that said, I want to try and give you as many updates and answer questions as they pertain to what our summer will/may look like this year.  As summer gets closer and things become clearer for all of us we will make our policies and procedures more definitive.  For now, here is what we are planning for:   (I have put together some FAQ’s below to answer some questions that we have already been receiving.)

ALERT!!! Cincinnati Bell internet/email users..… Cincinnati Bell has put new safety and security measures on incoming emails.  If you have a or fioptics email address, please add our email to your contact list so as to make sure you receive all of our emails from the club.  Last week, about 30 Cinci Bell users’ emails bounced back to us when I sent an email regarding swim/dive team.  Emails with embedded links seem to be the culprit.  Please check your settings to make sure this email address is a contact.  

Q. When are membership fees due?
A. Membership fees are due by May 1st. Everyone should have received an electronic invoice as well as a hardcopy invoice in the mail. If you did not receive both versions, please let us know so we can update our systems and verify your email and home address.Membership fees received after May 1st will be assessed a $50 late fee. Any fees not paid by May 15th could result in revocation of your membership bond. 

Q. Will there be a reservation system again this summer?
A.  As of now, we are not planning on using one.  As with everything we will do, it will depend on restrictions and mandates imposed on us by the governor.  As of now it is our hope and plan to NOT have to use one. Fingers crossed!

Q. Will guests be allowed?
A.  Yes, we will be allowing guests, with some limitations for the first few weeks.  As we see what things look like, we intend to go back to regular guest attendance policy. As of now our plan is to allow guests during the week but not on Friday, Saturday or Sunday for the first few weeks. These are our busiest days with our largest attendance of membership. In order to maintain social distancing as recommended by the department of health, we want to give our members the opportunity to enjoy the pool before we fill up with guests.  We anticipate being able to open up to full guests as the summer unfolds.

Q. Will there be party reservations for the pavilion?
A.  Yes we intend to allow party reservations (birthday, ball teams, etc.) on a limited basis. As with the restricted guest policy, we will be limiting parties to just during the week but not on the weekends for the first few weeks.  More information will come as we learn more about rescinded mandates and restrictions. 

Q.  Will we have a swim and dive team season?
A. Yes!!  The 7-Hills Swim/Dive League has already set a schedule for meets and championships. If you would like more information regarding the swim and dive team, please contact the reps at this email . Please see the following link to fill out the Swim and Dive interest survey at

Q. Will there be swim and dive lessons?
A. Yes. We will have our program set up much like we did last year.  Lessons information is available on the webpage and registration forms can be mailed to our PO Box any time. Please email Mary D’Errico at this address with questions.

Q. How do I sign up for tennis lessons, tennis team and adult clinics?  Can I use the courts before the pool opens?A. Tennis registration forms are available on the webpage. You can mail them in to our PO Box at any time. Please email our head coach Michael Neverman ( with any questions. Yes, the courts are available for use before the pool opens. Just contact us if you need the access gate code for the tennis courts.

Q. Will there be morning lap swim time available again like last year?
A. Sort of. It will not look like last year since our swim and dive teams will be training every weekday morning.  It is our intention to have some lap lanes available if possible, but it will depend on the numbers of kids participating on our teams. More information will be coming as we get closer to summer.

I know that is a lot of information at one time, but hopefully that helps answer some of the basic questions.  I promise to stay as transparent as possible and I will keep everyone updated as I learn more about things that come our way. In the meantime, please know that we are already hard at work getting the club and ready to go for opening day! We can’t wait to see everyone soon! Take care and stay healthy!
Andy Wilson Manager, Miami Hills Swim and Tennis Club