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Message from Andy!. When Andy talks - you want to hear it!

Hello everyone!  I hope this email finds you well and excited for summer to get here!  I know I am ready to be finished with this school year and to be out in the sunshine!  

For the new members who may not know me, I am Andy Wilson, the head manager at Miami Hills.  This will be my 29th year working at the pool and 43rd year overall and I can honestly say Miami Hills is my second home.  I am also finishing my 27th year of teaching elementary physical education at Mason.  Please stop by and introduce yourself when you are at the club so we can meet! 
I look forward to meeting you this Friday May 27th 5-8pm for the New Member Night at the club. 
For those returning members, I imagine you are all as ready and my staff and I are to get things rolling and to get back to what we all look forward to every summer.  I have missed seeing everyone!
With that said, I will get right into it.  Below is a list of things that everyone will need to know as we head into Opening Day this Saturday May 28th 10:00am.  Our plan is to operate as close to what we have always done in the past keeping in mind that with the pandemic still being a conversation, we will make adjustments if and when needed per the guidance of state officials.  As for now, we are full steam ahead to keep things as normal as possible. 

Here are a few of the highlighted things to know:
1. Pool Hours: Open Swim– Sunday-Friday 12:00-9:00pm  and Saturday 10am-9pm   
Baby Pool: Everyday 9am-9pm  (No lifeguard on duty)Swim Team Practice  M-F 8:30-10am    Dive Team Practice  M-F 10am-noon   
Swim Lessons  M-F 10am-noon   

2. No Reservations or Block Schedules!!  Check-in System is the same- use your key card that you were given in the past.  Everyone on the membership needs to have a picture on their profile at the front desk.  If you have not gotten one taken yet, we will do that for you on your first visit up.  If your little ones need an updated picture as well, we are happy to get theirs updated too.There is a $5.00 replacement fee for any misplaced check-in cards.

3. Guests Policies– To ease into the season and make sure we can maintain reasonable crowd sizes, we are going to make a few accommodations for the first few weeks of the season to see how things go.  Guests will be allowed to attend on Monday-Thursday anytime from 12-9pm.  No guests on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the first 2 weekends.  We will keep these 3 days as MEMBERS ONLY to ensure we are able to manage the crowd sizes.  Once we get into June, we will open up our guest privileges.  

4  Party Reservations-   Just like the modified Guest Policies above, we are going to minimize the Party Reservations for the first 2 weekends.  Parties can be booked for 12-4p or 5-9p on Monday-Thursday.   NO RESERVATIONS WILL BE ALLOWED FOR THE FIRST 2 WEEKENDS.  We will begin taking reservations on opening weekend, so please do not email before then.  Just like in the past, it is easiest if you stop by the manager’s office and set up your party and pay the reservation fee in person.  PARTY RESERVATION FORM  (click for details)

5. Covid Rules-  As most we all know, the majority of all Covid restrictions have been rescinded.  We will not be requiring masks.  For those that are unvaccinated, it is still RECOMMENDED and ENCOURAGED by the CDC that you wear your mask indoors and in large group gatherings outside.  We ask that you, as the responsible adults, do what is best for you and your family.  Please be respectful of those around you and remember that even though we are all ready for this pandemic to be over with, it is still out there and is something we all need to be aware of .  The staff will continue to sanitize and clean at the highest levels that has always been our standard. 

6. Guest Fees, Babysitter Passes and Concessions Prices-  In order to help off-set the rising cost of all of our expenses, we had to raise our prices on some of our concession stand prices.   Here is the pricing for front desk fees  (click for details) .  Concession stand prices will be posted outside the concession window on the menu board.Dally Guest Fee-  $10.00/guest  $4.00 after 6:00pm         Babysitter Summer Pass-  $150   
As always, each household membership is allotted 15 days throughout the summer to bring guests up.  If more than 9 guests are brought at one time, a $50 “party reservation fee” will be assessed upon entry along with guest fees for each person.

7. Coke Machine- 20 oz. bottles of soda are $2.00/bottle; Water bottles will be sold out of the concession stand this year for a reduced price…  

8 . Calendar (click for details) Parties and Events are back on this year.  As always, dates and times are subject to change.  

9. Lap Swim– with our swim/dive teams and swim lessons in full effect this year, we unfortunately will not be able to designate time on a daily schedule for lap swimming.  As we’ve done in the past, we will try and accommodate as best we can when someone would like to have a lap lane put in.  If you are interested in lap swimming, please speak with a manager on duty once the club is open and we would be happy to talk with you and see if we can work something out.  

10. Facility Use and Rules (click for details)Common  Pool Safety Rules(click for details) to be aware of:

1.  Age limits for kids- 11 and UnderHAVE to be with someone 16 y.o or older; Kids 12-15 y.o. can sign the Teenage Waiver form (click for details) to have permission to be at the club without direct supervision.

2. The 25:10 Rule: Non-swimmers and small children or any novice swimmer that CANNOT swim 25 meters uninterrupted should ALWAYS be within 10 feet of an adult.  Never leave small children unattended or under supervision of another child. Inflatable water wings are prohibited, but puddle jumpers are recommended and encouraged.  Puddle jumpers are available at the front for use for the day, free of charge.

3. Alcohol is permitted, but please remember this is a family facility and NOT a bar, resort or your own backyard.  PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY!!; 

4. NO FOOD or DRINK allowed in pools or on edges at any time.  Please keep all personal items at the tables or lounge chairs.

5. Anyone caught trying to sneak guests in without signing them in and paying fees, will be asked to leave immediately and family membership privileges will be suspended.  Parents…please make sure your kids understand that their actions and behaviors can and will directly affect everyone on the memberships privileges as well as their time here at the club.  6. Parents need to be aware of their children AT ALL TIMES!  This includes the pools, shower rooms, tennis courts, play area, parking lot and pavilions.  
For Lessons or Team Registrations, please email the following people for details on how to sign up.
Swim and Dive Team Meredith Rains and Feliz Hall 
Tennis Team, Lessons, and Adult Clinic  Michael Neverman and Kelcey Davison
Swim and Dive Lessons   
Mary D’Errico   
Membership Questions   Joe Winders 

I know that is a TON of information to throw at you all at once.  Please save this email so you can refer to it as needed and please share it to the rest of your family that will need to be aware of this information.  
I am so excited to get this season underway and even more excited about seeing all of you again.  We know that things are never going to be perfect up here, but we will keep trying our best to make this club the absolute best place around.  If you ever have any questions, please stop by and see us.  We will be extremely busy this coming week, so bare with us as we get back to you as soon as we can.  Take care and we’ll see you soon!
Andy WilsonManager, Miami Hills Swim and Tennis Club